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Fredrick John Ellis, b: Belfast, Ireland, d: ?
Married: ?
Had 1 child:
	Frederick Taylor Ellis, b: Halifax, N.S.  d: Jul. 15, 1955, Ottawa,Ont.
	Married: 1902, N.S.  Katherine Orra, "Lillie" (McPhail) b: Dec. 26, 1882, St John's, N.B.
	d: Oct. 6, 1952, in Hotel Dieu Hospital, Moncton, N.B.
	Had 9 children:
  		Frederick Ellis, b: Nov. 20, 1903, Halifax, N.S.
  		Married: (location unknown) Oct. 1935, Queenie (Matterson)
  		Had 4 children:
   			Ralph Ellis
   			Doreen (Ellis)
			Monica (Ellis)
			Carol (Ellis)
  		Annie Kathleen (Ellis) Clarke, b: Feb.28, 1907, Halifax, N.S. d: May
		22, 1987, in Victoria, B.C. (See photo below)
  		Had 2 children by a gentleman named, William "Bill" Clanahand.
  		Married 1st Husband: Church of England, Halifax, N.S. Mar. 7, 1942, Clifford Roy Dockrill
  		Married 2nd Husband: Montreal, Que. About 1950, Norman Russell Clarke
   		    Rita May (Ellis) b: May 21, 1932, Halifax,N.S. d: August 8, 2003, Dawson Creek, B.C. 
                                        (Rita raised by her grandparents, Frederick and Katherine Ellis)
                                        Married: Victoria, B.C. Feb. 9, 1952, John Joseph Sherber, b: Apr. 22, 1930, Antigonish, N.S. d: October 22, 2003, Dawson Creek, B.C.
"A Tribute to Rita May (Ellis)"
Had 4 children: John Bernard Sherber, b: Oct. 9, 1952, Victoria, B.C. Married 1st wife: Victoria, B.C. Oct. 12, 1973 Johanne Marjorie (Moffatt) Married 2nd wife: Victoria, B.C. Mar. 20, 1999 Anne Clavier Katherine Anne (Sherber) Houston, b: Apr. 15, 1954, Victoria, B.C. Married: Dawson Creek, B.C. Donald Weibe Had 2 children: Peter Anthony Houston, Dawson Creek, B.C. Daniel Steven Houston, Dawson Creek, B.C. Michael Steven Sherber, b: Apr. 17, 1956, Milton, England Married: Drumheller, AB. Apr. 24, 1992, Geraldine Adele (Speidel) b: Dec. 8, 1957, Calgary, AB. Had 1 child: Steven Edward Sherber, b: Drumheller, AB Teresa Rose (Sherber) Meise, b: Oct. 4, 1959, Victoria, B.C. Married: Dawson Creek, B.C. May 26, 1979, Thomas Theodore Meise, b: Nov. 16, 1956, Prince George, B.C. d: Jul. 3, 1998 Dawson Creek, B.C. Had 1 child: Thomas Joseph Meise, b: Dawson Creek, B.C. Billie Clanahand, b: 1933, Halifax, N.S. (Billie raised by his father, William / Bill Clanahand) Roy Wilford Ellis, b: Aug. 26, 1908, Halifax, N.S. d: Jun 2, 1969 Married: (location unknown) 1932, Marjorie Marguarite (Newcombe) b: March 31, 1909, Winnipeg, Man d: June 9, 1998 Northwood Centre, Halifax. N.S. Buriel site Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Sackville, Halifax County. Had 4 children: Eileen Joan (Ellis) b: Dec.29, 1926 Married: Donald Gillies. Victor Ellis b: April 24, 1937 Married Ethel Varey Wayne Malcolm Ellis April 21, 1941, Halifax, N.S. Married: Gloria Scott (Newbury) Roy Winston Ellis b: Sept. 2, 1942, Halifax, N.S. Married: Betty Elliot Had 2 children: Sandra (Ellis) b: Dec. 15, 1969 Todd Ellis b: ? Ralph Edward Ellis, b: Mar. 11, 1910, Halifax, N.S. d: Jul. 31, 1978, Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, N.S. Married: Halifax, N.S. Apr. 19, 1952, Vimmy (Camp) Had 2 children: Jock Ellis Diane (Ellis) Casey, b: 1953 Married: Michael Casey Children unknown Vera Margaret (Ellis) Josey b: Jul. 15, 1914, Halifax, N.S. d: Sept. 11, 1965 Married: Sept. 4, 1965, Victor Josey Had 1 child: Dennis Josey Denise Malcome (Ellis) b: May 8, 1916, Halifax, N.S. d: May 8, 1916 Rita Mae (Ellis) b: Dec. 24, 1917, Halifax, N.S. d: Oct. 18, 1918 Muriel Viola Catherine (Ellis) Berry, b: Nov. 28, 1920, Halifax, N.S. d: 1986, Victoria, B.C. Married: St. Teresa Church, Oct. 27, 1942, Watson Clarence Eugene Berry, b: Mar. 27, 1919, d: Nov. 9, 1996, Victoria, B.C. Had 3 children: Stuart Arthur Berry, b: Nov. 9, 1943, St. John's, N.B. Sandra Marie (Berry) Hiede, b: Mar. 26, 1946, Married: Langford, B.C. Jul. 3, 1967 Reynold Jake Heide b: 1937 Had 2 children: Debra Ann (Heide) b: Oct. 5, 1963 Michelle Kimberly (Heide) b: Oct. 1, 1965 Shirley (Berry) McKaffrey, b: Feb. 15, 1948, Athabasca, AB Married: Montreal, Que. Jul. 4, 1968. Gary William James McKaffrey, b: Nov. 20, 1946 Had 2 children: Tyler McKaffrey Christifer James Watson McKaffrey, b: Jun. 29, 1975 Glaydas Roberta (Ellis) Rafuse, b: Nov. 20, 1922 d: ? Married: Jan. 1940, Bruce Rafuse Had 1 child: Douglas Richard Rafuse, b: Oct. 24, 1941 Married: Nancy Margaret (Scribmen) Had 3 children: Martin Douglas Rafuse, b: Jan. 13, 1960 Steven Robert Rafuse, b: Jul. 13, 1963, Halifax, N.S. Palme June (Rafuse), b: Jun. 21, 1976, Winnipeg, Man.

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