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The following is the only information we have
on our little Branch of the Sherber Family Tree

Anne May (Chisholm) Currie, (see her complete info below)
Had one son:

John Joseph Sherber: b: April 22, 1930, Antigonish, N.S. He was a Chief Petty Officer in the Canadian Navy.
d: October 22, 2003, Dawson Creek, B.C. Burial Brookside Cemetery, Dawson Creek, B.C.
Married in Victoria, B.C. Feb. 9, 1952 to Rita May (Ellis),
b: May 21, 1932, Halifax, N.S. d: August 8, 2003, Dawson Creek, B.C.

Had 4 children, all but one child born in Victoria, B.C.:

John Bernard Sherber: b: Oct. 9, 1952
Married 1st wife: Victoria, B.C. Oct. 12, 1973 Johanne Marjorie (Moffatt)
Married 2nd wife: Victoria, B.C. Mar. 20, 1999 Anne (Clavier)
John has one daughter,
Gina Covey, Deceased 2014

Katherine Anne (Sherber) Houston: b: April 15, 1954
Had two sons

Peter Anthony Houston: b: Nov. 23, 1974, Dawson Creek, B.C.
Married in Taylor, B.C. 1996, Cassandra (Jenkins)
Had two children born Dawson Creek, B.C. & Fort St. John, B.C.

Jessica Katherine Sheila Houston
Anthony Allan Houston

Daniel Steven Peter Esau, Dawson Creek, B.C.

Michael Steven Sherber: b; April 17, 1956, Milton, England.
Married in Drumheller, AB April 24, 1982, Geraldine Adele (Speidel) b: Dec. 8, 1957, Calgary, AB.
Had one Son born Drumheller, AB

Steven Edward Sherber, married in La Glace, AB. March 28th, 2009, Danielle (McColman)
Have two sons born in Grand Prairie, AB, one daughter born in Camrose, AB.

Theodore Edward Walter Sherber, Griffin Steven Ladislas Sherber, Camdyn Joanna Sherber

Teresa Rose (Sherber) Meise: b: Oct. 4, 1959
Married in Dawson Creek, B.C. May 29, 1979, Thomas Thedore Meise: b: Nov. 16, 1956,
Prince George, B.C. d: Jul. 3, 1998, Dawson Creek, B.C.
Had one son born Dawson Creek, B.C.

Thomas Joseph Meise

2nd Husband Keith Keezer
Had one daughter born Dawson Creek, B.C.

April Rose Keezer

1906 - 1987


My grandmother was Anne May (Chisholm) Currie, best known to close friends and family
as "Annie May". We have been trying to trace her life from the 1920’s to 1940’s, but
have run into so many dead ends. Anne May (Chisholm) Currie was born: July 27, 1906
in Malignant Cove, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Anne's parents were John Donald Chisholm,
from Malignant Cove, Antigonish Co. N.S. and Mary (MacDonald) Chisholm, from Lennox,
(Maryvale), Antigonish Co. N.S. Anne left Nova Scotia right out of high school and
went to Boston to become a school teacher. Anne returned to Nova Scotia and taught
school for a short time before giving birth to my father, John Joseph Sherber. She would
have been 23 years old around that time. Anne had a second son: Douglas (Sherber) Chisholm
b; May 23, 1942, Nova Scotia. This is as far as we have been able to traced her earlier years.

The following information has been related to us by my father who suffered a severe
head injury later in his life, which caused brain damage resulting in some memory loss.
This is what we have been told about John Paul and Anne May's life together, most of this information
is what my father can remember as told to him by his mother and other family members. At this point
we find the information to be very sketchy. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find anyone in
Anne's family still living that can fill in the blanks for us. This information is all we have to go on in
order to connect to our Sherber ancestry.

John Paul is said to be Italian, Roman Catholic, his trade may have been a mechanic,
and he worked at the Navy yards in MA, (around 1930-40)

Anne May and John Paul had a son, John Joseph Sherber born April 22, 1930 in
Antigonish, Nova Scotia. My father was placed in the Good Shepard orphanage in N.S. before going
to live with Anne's parents.

John Paul is said to have been born, October 1906 in Boston MA, and my father was
told John passed away at age 25 of TB or pneumonia while living in Nahant, MA.
My father would have been 2 years old at that time. It is not known if Anne resided with him at any time.
Searches with the Vital Statistics Department of Massachusetts with the very little information
we know has failed to turn up a Birth or Death Certificate on him at this time.

Someone in John's family was said to have owned, managed or worked at a shoe/boot store/factory.
John's parents are said to have immigrated to the US through Naples, Italy and spoke very
little or no English. It was said that John's family may have been opposed to a marriage to Anne
due to their young age and Anne not being a US citizen. If this is the case it would explain why we have
found no Marriage record.

Several years after returning to Canada, Anne married a gentleman named Philip Peter Currie
b: Nov 11, 1905, d: 1960, buried at St. Peters Cemetery, Sheet Harbor Row 22.
(date & location of marriage unknown).

Anne May (Chisholm) Currie passed away May 14, 1987 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Her burial site is in the Gates of Heaven Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.



Finding this information so we can complete our Family Tree has become somewhat of a Quest for us. We
would like to find out the medical history of our Sherber line. We would also like to someday be able to pass
down the history of our heritage to our grandchildren.
Michael & Geraldine Sherber


Information received from a source in Florida and then
Massachusetts in 2004 shed new light on our "SHERBER" surname.

We were contacted by Mrs. Joseph Sherber living in Florida who
believes that my grandfather, John Paul Sherber is or rather was
the Uncle of her late husband Joseph Anthony Paul Sherber,
b: Apr. 14, 1939 in Nahant, MA and passed away at age 26 on Nov. 18, 1965 in
North Miami Beach, FL of a congenital heart defect.

Joseph’s parents were Nathan and Myrtle V. (Smith) Sherber. Nathan
b: Dec. 24, 1903, and lived in Hathorne, MA, d: May of 1972.
Myrtle b: 1913, d: 1990 in Miami, FL. Nathan & Myrtle had three children,
Joseph A, (deceased), Ray D, (in Hollywood, FL), and Natalie, (in Miami area).

She told us that the original spelling of her husband's surname was
changed from "Sciaba" to "Sherber". The family originate from Italy.
Mrs. Sherber told us that to the best of her recollection Grandma Sciaba
arrived in the United States through Ellis Island right before Mussolini took
over Italy. She believes they all settled in the Nahant, MA area. She states that we
do not have the right death information on John Paul as she believes he passed away in 1985/6.

She mentions an Aunt named Theresa that was a Mother Superior in MA. She
also notes that Nathan Sherber became ill in North Miami Beach, FL and his
brothers moved him to a nursing home in MA so they could be close to him.
She mentions meeting a Dominick while visiting in Malden, MA back in the 60's
She says that she and Joseph did not have a lot of contact with Joseph's family
because they lived so far away.

When searching the 1940 census records we found:

John P Sciaba head of household, Grace, wife, Paul A, son.

Joseph J. Sherber head of household, Agnus M, wife, Ann, daughter Mary P, daughter, Paul J, son, Margaret, daughter,
Helen V, daughter, Geraldine, daughter, Marylyn, daughter & Joseph, son.

Paul Sherber head of household, Nancy, wife, Anthony J, son, and a John Lane, lodger/renter, all 3 families
residing at the 155 - Nahant Rd address.

Nathan J. Sherber head of household Mrytle V, wife, Ray D, son, Natalie N, daughter and Joseph A, son, residing
at 157 - Nahant Rd, MA. This family of Sherber's are Mrs. Sherber's (from Florida), late husband's family.

We believe if these 5 families lived next door to each other that they must all be related to the same Sherber / Sciaba family.


Here is the information that was sent to us about my grandfather's family.

His parents were:

Paolo / Paul Sciaba B: 1872 in Sicily Italy, Immigrated to the US in 1897, D: 1943 in MA and was a Barber.
Paolo married Nunzia / Nancy (Fava) in Boston 1901, she was B: 1881 in Sicily Italy, Immigrated to the US in
1895, D: 1958 in MA. Paolo and Nunzia are interred together at the Greenlawn Cemetery in Nahant, MA.
(Paolo's parents were, Domenico Sciaba & Felicia (Aleese) of Italy).

Their children were:

Domenico (Domenick) Sciaba 1893-Deceased

Santo Sciaba 1895-Deceased

Guiseppe (Joseph) J Sherber, 1902-1972 married Agnes M Twomey, 1899-1966
Anne Nancy M Sherber, 1928-1994 married Arthur T Monteith 1932-2008

Mary P Sherber, 1929-Living married Annino J Giannattassio, 1927-2007
Patricia Giannattasio, Living married Scott A Kavanagh, Deceased
Matthew Paul Kavanagh married Kim,
Melanie Gianna Kavanagh

Paul J Sherber, 1930-1999 married Nicolina J Gallucci, 1932-2000

Margaret Sherber, 1932-Living married Kenny Este, Living

Helen V Sherber, 1933-Living married George Mayo, Living

Geraldine A Sherber, 1936-Living married Eugene Lockard, 1930-Living
Robert Lockard, 1955-1996
Brian A Lockard, 1960-Living married Julie A Dube, 1963-Living
Darren M Lockard, 1962-Living married Cindy Louise Anderson, 1969-Living
Andrew K Lockard, 1966-Living married Doreen Martinoriordan, 1968-Living
Dinah L Lockard, 1975-Living married Salvadore N Metta , 1976-Living

Marilyn Grace Sherber, 1937-2015 married Gifford R Russell Sr, 1933-2005
Susan A Russell, 1955-Living
David A Bennett, Living
Gina L Russell, 1961-Living
Gale W Russell, 1965-Living married John J Bell Jr, 1963-Living
Gifford R Russell Jr, Living married Diane C Codair, 1966-Living

Joseph Sherber, 1940-Living married Mary, Deceased

Natale (Nathan) J Sherber, 1903-1972 married Myrtle V Smith, 1913-1991

Joseph A Sherber, 1939-1965 married Teresa Ellen , 1943-2013
Debra Ann Sherber, 1962-Living married Patrick Peck, Living
Madison Rose Peck , Living
Ryan Joseph Peck, Living

Susan Jill Sherber, 1965-Living
Steve Schlafly, Living

Natalie N Sherber, Living
Ray D Sherber , 1935 -Living

Felicita Sciaba, 1905-Deceased

Giovanni (John) P Sciaba, 1906-1986 married Grace Caruso, 1913-2006
Paul A Sciaba 1943-Living
This where our little Canadian branch of the Sherber family belongs :)

Giacomino (James) A Sciaba, 1909-2000 married Josephine M Deleo, 1912-2000
Caroline Ann Sciaba, 1934-2011 married Harry J Scanlan, 1931-Deceased
Harry J Scanlan, Living
Linda M Scanlan, Living married Richard J Hogan ll, Living
Kimberly Hogan, Living married Robert S Miele, Living
Cameron Miele, Living
Robert Miele, Living
Richard J Hogan III, Living

Antonio (Anthony) C Sciaba, 1912-1996 married Bridget T Sheenan, 1913-1999
John J Sciaba, 1944-Living married Linda Ruth, 1948-Living
Michael Sciaba, Living

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