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Visitor's Name: Alice England Thomas
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You are from: Maine,Connecticut,Florida
Comments: I am so please to have found this Web page You do have a lot of the same surnames that I am searching. England,Currie, Mac Donald,(McDonald) MacFarlane,Brown, Taylor, Knownes Sorensen,most of my search has been in New Brunswick, Canada.
Sign Time: November 04 2002 at 20:12:26

Visitor's Name: Carol Pelletier
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You are from: St. Francis, Maine
Comments: Enjoyed your site very much and hope to find a connection to your Chisholm Line. My Great Grandmother was Annie Chisholm dau of Daniel Chisholm and Catherine MacLean. Daniel was the son of Angus Chisholm and Catherine McCaron. They were from Nova Scotia. In the 1881 Census of Canada. Daniel(1838-1917) and Catherine(1844-1885) were living in St.Hilaire, New Brunswick, Canada. Catherine MacLean Chisholm died in 1885 and is buried in St.Hilaire. Daniel Chisholm then married Catherine Lahey. He is buried in Millinocket, Maine. One of his sons, Daniel lived in Mn. and he had a son named Lyle Chisholm, who lived in Cass Lake, Mn. Catherine MacLean was the dau. of Roderick MacLean and Catherine MacEachern. This information was given to me by my Aunt. I would love to hear from anyone who may know anything of this Chisholm, MacLean, MacEachern or Lahey Families. Thanks again for a great site and will add it to my favorites so I can visit often.
Sign Time: November 04 2002 at 15:14:57

Visitor's Name: Alex Chisholm
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You are from: La Ronge
Comments: I'm stillhere dudes. I'd love to meet some Chisholm from ole saskatchewan. Look me up in La ronge. YAW YAW. yours truly master of all living things Alex Chisholm
Sign Time: September 30 2002 at 17:12:19

Visitor's Name: Brenda Macdonald
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You are from: New Zealand
Comments: Wish I could have found one of ours. At present looking for William macdonald b.1766 and married to Mary Chisholm. Best wishes.
Sign Time: February 13 2002 at 01:34:25

Visitor's Name: john j sciaba
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You are from: arundel, maine
Comments: I am tony sciaba's son from Nahant. Please send a reply to my email address.
Sign Time: October 31 2001 at 18:47:35

Visitor's Name: teresa meise
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You are from: prince george
Comments: Private message. Click here to read it.
Sign Time: March 14 2001 at 19:27:50

Visitor's Name: James Scott
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You are from: Phoenix, Arizona
Comments: Just wondered if anyone has any information on the Chisholm Family who settled in the Quebec area of Canada. If so I would very much like to correspond with them. My Grandmother was Mary Louise Chisholm (Born 1863 - married James Octavus Sherar)Her father was Daniel (born 1822 - Married Harriette Isabella Dumaresq)His father was Andrew Chisholm who married Mary Ferguson.His father was John Chisholm born 1739. Any info would be helpful.
Sign Time: February 17 2001 at 10:36:15

Visitor's Name: donald macdonald
Homepage URL: my macdonald family
You are from: Lancashire, UK
Comments: lovely site. Can you tell me anything about Donald Macdonald who married Margaret Chisholm? best wishes, donald macdonald
Sign Time: February 04 2001 at 14:23:03

Visitor's Name: Patricia McKinnon Lockey
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You are from: Florida now formerly Mass.
Comments: Have only found out recently,from an unexpected family source,that our Daniel MacKinnon born 1818 was actually born Aug 13, 1813 in Antigonish to Daniel MacKinnon born 1775 in Antigonish and Mary MacDonald, born 1780 Antigonish. Is it at all possible that with my stone wall situation on the Daniels, that they were actually Donald's? Has anybody heard of this before? Will try to get a birth cert. but if anybody has these people, let me know.
Sign Time: January 27 2001 at 17:07:03

Visitor's Name: Al Chisholm
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You are from: Brampton Ontario
Comments: A truly great job. Hope to have one like it in the near future. I decend from one of 3, first cousin, Colin Chisholms. My Colin was called Colin "Schoolhouse". Any Chisholms out there with this handle? All lived in the Antigonish area of Nova Scotia at some point.
Sign Time: January 18 2001 at 20:07:33

Visitor's Name: Carolyn Tyson
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You are from: Gwinn Michigan
Comments: I am researching my Chisholm roots and will have to check my notes, but it is possible htat we have some connections here. I'll let you know when I have found the connection.My grandparents were Eddie Nute and Alma (Hyslop) Chisholm of Alberta Ca by way of Nova Scotia.
Sign Time: January 15 2001 at 15:58:14

Visitor's Name: Chris MacDonald
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You are from: Aurora, Colorado USA
Comments: Hello Sherbers, My great grandfather was Alexander J. MacDonald and my great grandmother was Christina Chisholm, residing Lakevale, Antigonish, NS in the early 1900's. They had children (at least three) circa 1903. I've been told that the name Fraser comes in somewhere too, but not sure how. Thank you for posting your info. Probably a connection in there somewhere. Chris MacDonald
Sign Time: December 27 2000 at 00:46:34

Visitor's Name: Debra Sherber
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You are from: North Miami, Florida
Comments: My father was Joseph Anthony Paul Sherber born in Nahant MA in 1939. His father was Nathan Sherber. Nice site, will pass on to my mom & sister.
Sign Time: August 10 2000 at 14:03:43

Visitor's Name: Karen Chisholm
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You are from: Little Rock, Arkansas
Comments: Very beautiful web site. I enjoyed learning about folks with my last name. My father, Robert Chisholm, was from Kentucky. If you know of any Chisholm's from Kentucky, I would love to hear from you.
Sign Time: August 04 2000 at 23:24:06

Visitor's Name: Jeanne Surber
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You are from: California
Comments: BEAUTIFUL website with so many pictures. What a great looking family you have. I found your website while searching the name "Sherber" because that is how most people seem to pronounce Surber. I'm working on finding and hopefully documenting some of my Surber ancestors from 1795 - 1840 in VA, TN, OH, and IN. The Surber family was from Switzerland. They've been over here since 1735. It looks like our lines never crossed, despite the name similarity, but "hello" anyway and good luck with your research. I enjoyed my visit!
Sign Time: July 20 2000 at 18:13:17

Visitor's Name: Beverley Sherry
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You are from: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Comments: My great-grandmother, Mary Anne Leary Schofield, widow, married Duncan McDonald, bachelor, Kingston, Nova Scotia. June 30, 1893. Duncan, Roman Catholic, 38 years old, was born Antigonish, N.S. What happened to them after that? Mary Anne's three sons came to British Columbia.
Sign Time: April 30 2000 at 14:38:46

Visitor's Name: Doreen Chisholm
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You are from: Sydney, Australia
Comments: Am looking for info on FREDERICK Chisholm born 3rd October 1856 - understand he was born in Kent, England. We understand that he was orphaned at an 'early age' and went to Tumut (NSW, Australia) - he was apprenticed into the carpentery trade. He married Chyarlotte Hibbins in Tumut 1883 and died in Tumut 1946. He had a brother called David who was at his wedding in Tumut but cannot find anything before and after that date. Can anyone help? Found your page through FamilySearch - very good. All the best for the future!
Sign Time: April 21 2000 at 05:07:37

Visitor's Name: Jim Mac Donald
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You are from: mass.
Comments: Haven't checked out your Mac Donald line yet, looking for Hugh Mac Donald from Cape Breton, moved to Malden, Mass. around 1910.
Sign Time: April 07 2000 at 21:21:44

Visitor's Name: Theresa Mac Donald
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You are from: Halifax
Comments: Searhing Goldenville Guysborough Co. John and Mary Wells or any Wells families.
Sign Time: April 07 2000 at 21:04:13

Visitor's Name: Joseph & Laura-Ellen Anderson
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You are from: Nova Scotia
Comments: Beatuiful Job!!! At present researching to find connections to a James Cameron and E. Chisholm from Caledonia Mills, Antigonish county. Also their daughter Christy Cameron (GGmother) who married John Anderson (GGfather) Don't know if the Cameron or Chisholm makes a connection with yours, however good luck with your searching, it sure is fun.
Sign Time: April 07 2000 at 19:37:29

Visitor's Name: Verona Leslie
Homepage URL: Leslie/Crowell Family
You are from:
Comments: Didn't see a connection, but loved the music and the welcoming feeling!!!! Pleasant and nice site! Good work!
Sign Time: April 07 2000 at 18:19:57

Visitor's Name: suzanne whyte
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You are from: Rhode Island
Comments: James MACDONALD b. Oct 28, 1861 Nova Scotia son of John MacDonald James moved to Newton Mass, and left a family with 4 to 6 kids behind in Nova Scotia about 1920 ish. Any help with these two families would be greatly appreciated Thank-you, Suzanne Whyte
Sign Time: April 07 2000 at 16:08:38

Visitor's Name: Peter Duncan Fraser
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You are from: San Anselmo, California
Comments: Dear Sherbers, just dropped in after reading your post on Nova Scotia. My Frasers, came over from Strathglas about the same time as your Chisholms from Strathglas. John Fraser, married to Jean Chisholm. They had 11 children, all came and settled in Antigonish. The oldest son was William Fraser, Bishop of Arichat. Sons Colin, married a Chisholm; son Thomas married a Catherine Chisholm; son John, married a Chisolm; daughter Jean Fraser married Donald Chisholm. My gg-grandfather, the son of John Fraser and Jean Chisholm married Ann MacRae. Many are buried at Jt. Joseph's Cemetery, Antigonish. Other sons of John not married to Chisholms but whose children may have married Chisholms are: Austin Fraser, married to Catherine MacRae; David Fraser married to a Fraser; Alexander, spouse unknown. So way back there could be some connections as these families tended to stay with friends and neighbors when they came over, settled in the same areas and marrried into familiar families. It seems Antigonish was the base where many Strathglas families settled. And back in the home country, they were intermarried and neighbors as well. Give a call and we can exchange more
Sign Time: April 07 2000 at 12:04:59

Visitor's Name: Alee Lane
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You are from: Jacksonville/St. Petersburg, Florida
Comments: Enjoyed your Homepage! I am researching my ggrandpars. Isabelle Chisholm/Wm. Wells m. 1872 in Ohio area/St. Josephs, Antigonish, N.S. Lived in Goldenville when first married but settled shortly thereafter in Guysborough where Wm. was born. The oldest dau. Mary Ann b. 1877 was my grandmother, m. in Gloucester, Mass. There were MacEacherns at my gmothers wedding to Thom. Somers. Other names that coincide are MacDonald and Currie. I am rather new so my data is not quite organized yet. Will study yours to see if any fits from Guysborough, N.S.
Sign Time: April 07 2000 at 11:56:15

Visitor's Name: Dan
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You are from: USA
Comments: I am searching for MacDonald from Guysborough, Nova Scotia. Fathers name was Angus, mother Annie(MacClaren) one sons name was Daniel born 1869 moved to USA. Any info. please contact me. Tks.
Sign Time: March 28 2000 at 00:17:06

Visitor's Name: karen DeNaples
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You are from: sandwich, Ma.
Comments: Looking for info on Flora Ellis, married to Charles Holmes. I know that her family was from Prince Edward Isle
Sign Time: March 27 2000 at 11:41:11

Visitor's Name: A.Batten
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You are from: alberta
Comments: Hi there.. I'm searchimg my Macdonald's and am currently stuck! My grandfather was John D. Macdonald born feb. 3, 1910 in Inverness, died dec. 23,1964 in New Waterford Cape Breton. WE BELIEVE HE MAY HAVE BEEN ADOPTED, But his parents that raised him were Alexander S.Macdonald born approx. 1866 [ where ? ] and died oct. 9 1939 in New Waterford C.B. marreid to Isobel McDonald born approx. 1878 [ from Lake Ainslie C.B. ] AND DIED NOV. 27 1970 in New Waterford C.B. Alex , john , my father and his brothers worked in the coal mines of New Waterford for years. It was the unspoken secret that my grandfather John was adopted ,but adoptions in those days aren't like today and I believe he was just taken in and raised by Alex and Isobel.However he went by the Macdonald name , so we are wondering if he may have been illegitimate from a sister of Alex. or Isobel since both sides were Macdonald's? Anyway , I am waiting for his birth cert. and hoping that will confirm something as his death cert. listed Alex. and Isobel , which would be natural since they raised him.I have much info on Isobel's Mcdonals from Lake Ainslie, but nothing on Alex. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks A.Batten
Sign Time: March 18 2000 at 02:42:14

Visitor's Name: Ella Gleason
Homepage URL:
You are from: Mulberry, FL
Comments: I just read your MacDonald Page and find that you have my great-grandparents listed. Donald Ross and Margaret Gillis. I have a lot of info on the Rosses
Sign Time: March 17 2000 at 06:24:26

Visitor's Name: Dorothy Smelt
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You are from: Valrico Florida
Comments: I have been looking for my G.grandparents in Pictou Joseph And Mary Mac Donald so I just surfed through your MacDonald. Dot
Sign Time: March 09 2000 at 11:00:15

Visitor's Name: Daniel Healey
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You are from: MA-USA
Comments: I enjoyed reading your guestbook. I am researching the Chisholm family from Beauly,Antigonish County, NS.Finlay & Elizabeth. His father was John Chisholm, mother was Mary (MacDonald)Chisholm. Any info. appreciated.
Sign Time: February 20 2000 at 23:09:54

Visitor's Name: Donna ( Chism ) Cottrell
Homepage URL:
You are from: Greenbrier, Arkansas
Comments: I was here back in January, but my e-mail address has changed so I thought I would sign in again. I still haven't heard from anyone about the Chisms. Would love to hear from someone from Scotland or the UK since I have found that my ancestry has been traced to those areas.
Sign Time: February 19 2000 at 23:31:17

Visitor's Name: Mary Jane Sinkwich
Homepage URL:
You are from: California
Comments: My g-grandfather was Alexander C. Chisholm listed in the 1871 census as family #6 in Guysborough Intervale. He was supposedly born in Juduque. That is all the info I have on him. Any connection?
Sign Time: February 11 2000 at 23:05:47

Visitor's Name: Pat O'Connor
Homepage URL:
You are from: Towson, Md.
Comments: I am looking for family and ancestors of John Malcolm MacDonald, born in Ediburgh on 24 June, 1825. It is believed that he or his family emigrated to Nova Scotia and then to Roxbury, Ma. John ultimately went to San Francisco about 1848 and then to Lewis Co. Wa. where he homesteaded with his wife, Mary Jane Cutting,
Sign Time: February 02 2000 at 11:39:10

Visitor's Name: Donna ( Chism ) Cottrell
Homepage URL:
You are from: Greenbrier, Arkansas
Comments: I've also found out our ancestors are from Scotland.My name is another spelling but it is the same ancestory. Also, my father's mother's maiden name was MacDonald. Sure hope we can find a connection. Can't wait to hear from you.
Sign Time: January 16 2000 at 23:19:00

Visitor's Name: Shiela Sherber
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You are from: Texas
Comments: Private message. Click here to read it.
Sign Time: January 15 2000 at 20:30:19

Visitor's Name: Laurie Jeanne Shrubsole
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You are from: St Mary's , Ontario
Comments: My GGGrandfather is John Ellis born 1863 in Hamburg,Waterloo County,Ontario.He married Catherine Riley born 6 may 1865 in Downie Township,Perth,Ontario.They were married in a Roman Catholic Church by Philip Brehhen on 16 Nov 1882.Their 7 children are:Agnes,John,Charlotte,Margaret,Charles Frederick,and twins Margaret Mary & Helen.
Sign Time: January 15 2000 at 00:22:16

Visitor's Name: cheryl mangum
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You are from: ely, nv
Comments: looking for information on heides all i know is my grandmother was kathern heide maiden name was wilson love any information would be great.
Sign Time: January 01 2000 at 15:34:55

Visitor's Name: C D Lokey
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You are from: Pennsylvania
Comments: I am just starting on the MacDonald line of the family. Henry MacDonald married Margaret Puff (Poff?). They had at least 3 children: William MacDonald bSep 16 1888 dFeb 20 1963; Harriet Bell MacDonald bNov 7 1879 dAug 10 1963 - married Robert Straley; John Charles MacDonald bFeb 16 1884 d Aug 3 1959 - married Agnes ??. Harriet is my great grandmother. Can anyone help to fill in a lot of blanks? I'm willing to share any information I have. Thanks
Sign Time: December 06 1999 at 15:30:44